Day -4: Now go do that voodoo that you do so well….uh, make that Bu/Flu

I got a new chair in my room yesterday which will be much more comfortable for sitting and reading, as well as for Michael and Joan when they come in. It will also make into a bed in case Michael decides to spend the night on occasion.

The Bu/Flu went fine again last night – no apparent side effects. My blood counts are slowly dropping, so the chemo is doing its job. It’s ironic that we worked so hard to build the counts up over the past months to get into remission with Vidaza, only to knock them down worse than before for the transplant.

I was sitting at my computer this morning when the nutritionist arrived. She, in all seriousness, asked if the patient was nearby. When I told her that I am the patient, she said she mistook me for a family member because I look so good. I guess they’re not used to seeing anyone with a full head of hair and rosy cheeks around here. This too will pass. My hair loss most likely will happen in 1-3 weeks. I’m hoping it will grow back thick and luxuriant.

Time ran away today with visits, naps, meals, and 25 laps. Michael brought my Xbox 360 in this evening. I’m about to hook it up and see what fun I can get into this weekend.

I posted photos of Henriann, Rosemarie, Melissa, Tiffany, and me in the photo gallery.

Today’s Trivia:

In Blazing Saddles, Harvey Korman is rallying the outlaws he just recruited, getting them ready to attack the town. The Line is “Now go do that voodoo that you do so well.”


  1. Have you read all of the Harry Potters? If yes, I am currently reading Deathly Hallows and preparing for the movie tomorrow. I just read the part about the Silver Doe Patronus showing Harry where the sword was. Here’s to you conjuring a patronus to keep the side effects of bu/flu away.

    If you don’t have any clue about what I am talking about–just keep up the good fight!


  2. Thanks! I have read all of the books. Didn’t get to see the current movie but am hoping to see it back to back with the last one when it comes out.

  3. They definitely gave you the right chair. It looks like it is for Royalty. And you are the Queen! 🙂

  4. I forgot to ask-Do you want your hair to be any particular color when it grows back all thick and luxuriant?

  5. Color matters not – it is easily changed!

  6. From my experience with friends, it comes back curly! Daddy when he was bald was called Curly by his friends. We can start calling you that in 1-3 weeks! You can share your name with Uncle Tommy. Love you, L.

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