Day +4: Walking around in squares

Walking around in squares is only one step removed from running around in circles. I had a burst of energy this morning and have already finished 16 of today’s laps. My friend Thomas is a cross country runner. I’m wishing I had something equivalent here – the corridors are getting a little repetitive. Varying the routine by changing directions doesn’t make any difference. Dodging food carts, cleaning supplies, other patients, groups of doctors with big roll-around work stations, nurses, techs, and service assistants is only marginally more interesting and slows me beyond my already slow pace.

Food and I are deadlocked in a stony silence today aside from a few corn flakes but at least there have been no belligerent confrontations.

Having said all that, I’m extremely pleased to continue feeling so well today. The doctors and nurses say I look good, too, but they are paid to say stuff like that ;-).

I’m adding a few new photos now.


  1. Fung Yee looks like a sweetie. She has a beautiful smile.
    I have been racking my brain to come up with an idea for your trips around the corridor. The only thing I can come up with is to wear a pair of kaleidoscope glasses. And that may not be the safest route. 😀

  2. Blustery day in the Ozarks. Have made a ceramic Santa, decorated cookies and have a gingerbread house at 4. Not sure all our hiking equals your 16 laps. Neurobics would say close your eyes, walk backwards (beep, beep, beep), sideways crossing one leg in front of the other and then that leg in back. Love you,Linda

  3. Do they have different decor in different units? That helped when Abigail was in the hospital. Walking in a different unit that is. Or on a different floor maybe? Hope all continues to go well.

  4. Hi Leslie – I’m restricted to this unit…better than some transplant centers where you’re restricted to your room.

  5. Hi Karen,
    So good to hear such positive news from your end. Is there some way I could view your pictures? Thanks. Toby

  6. Hi Karen! You are doing so well! Keep it up! Nice pictures. Reminds me of when I had my chemo a month ago! I look forward to your updates. Hugs to you. Lori

  7. Jessica and Erica

    Does it have to be walking laps. Could you change it up with a yoga DVD? The stretching might help clear the mind and relax the body. I find that when I do the same excercise over and over, no matter what the scenery, I just get board. I can only run a few days a week because be it treadmill, track, or neighborhood it is still running!

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