Day +4108: Into this life we’re born…

”…Baby sometimes, sometimes we don’t know why
And time seems to go by so fast
In the twinkling of an eye
Let’s enjoy it while we can…”

2/28/2022: Surprise, another post by me already (with a tagline stolen from Deb’s comment on my last post)! I saw my oncologist today. She reaffirmed that they didn’t get any aspirate from the biopsy so are not hoping for much information when results come in. In the meantime, she ordered more blood tests, six tubes drawn in addition to my usual two and postponed my chemo until next week. In general my counts fell further over the weekend. However, platelets were slightly better than Friday, 55 (up from 50) which gave me a ray of hope that the Vidaza hasn’t failed, especially when I’ve had naproxen the past three days.

Dr. Gojo is very candid about not knowing what’s going on with my marrow but discussed some possibilities. I may just need more time to recover from chemo between cycles, hence the postponement. The disease may be progressing but could take different paths that, in turn, would determine different treatment options; we’re hoping the bone biopsy and blood tests can yield sufficient information to head down the best route. We’re very much in limbo at this point. I’m grateful for the days when I feel well enough to spend time doing normal stuff – today is one such day. My biopsy site is very sore with radiating nerve pain but I’m fairly comfortable as long as sitting or lying down. Fortunately, a large portion of activities I enjoy involve sitting 🤓. We’ll post more when we have all the results.

Trying to live in the moment, Karen


  1. Bright side of the road – van Morrison 💖

    Thinking of you guys…. Sending my love to you both…

  2. I’m voting for more time to recover between cycles … to the bright side of the road 🙂

  3. Cool beans!!!
    Now I just need to start GETTING YOUR POSTS AGAIN💙🧡❤️💚

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