Day +4142: Here’s the story of a lovely lady…

“Who was bringing up three very lovely…”

Oops…wrong song…

I started blog entries yesterday as we packed up and moved downtown and today as I began my new treatment regimen. Time got away, and neither is finished. Michael and I decided to make daily notes to ourselves while we catch our collective breaths, and write you a summary when we get further through the week. We didn’t want you to worry – hence, this post now to tell you all is well so far. Remember, no news is good news.

Love to all, Karen and Michael


  1. The Brady Bunch theme!
    Glad to hear it’s a “no news” day.

  2. Hugs during the no news. Love, Linda

  3. No news is good news! Glad you’re settling in. Hope the boxy nature of this week’s photo prompts don’t drive you crazy!
    Love, Susan

  4. Girls.
    All of them had hair of gold just like their mother.
    The youngest one in curls.
    Hallelujah for no news !
    I’m sure you’ll make wherever you are, like a home .
    Hugs too to you both

  5. Brady Bunch Theme Song!

  6. I KNOW ONE!!! The Brady Bunch theme song!!! But I don’t know who sings it. sigh,
    Hope you have a comfortable bed and remembered your toothbrush. 🙂

    Cathy 🙂

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