Day +437: Feelin’ stronger every day…

A quick update – I had my six month check-up at Wilmer eye clinic yesterday and am doing well. My eyes are still very dry but there are no cracks or erosion. I’m to continue using Restasis and over the counter lubricant drops as well as an ointment at night. My next follow-up is in another six months.

The dermatitis on my face has been worse lately. I think it is nearly clear and then get a fresh outbreak of itchy bumps. However, if this is the worst I have to suffer, I’m delighted!

I’m happily eating and enjoying meals again, reveling in my gluttony when something is extra good. I’m trying hard to wean myself from the sweets I’ve become addicted to the past year and move back toward my prior savory preferences. I feel much better when I eat a lot of protein. In fact, I’ve been feeling great with lots more energy! My life is close to my pre-illness norm.

These days, we’re preoccupied with making decisions about remodeling the kitchen instead of remodeling me :-).

Last week we saw a live performance of Blast! at the Dupont Theatre in Wilmington, preceded by a delicious brunch buffet in the hotel’s luxurious Green Room. Both were super.

Thanks for the movie recommendations! Cathy, I got but haven’t yet watched Temple Grandin. Currently, I’m reading Duma Key by Stephen King. Anyone else have book or movie ideas?

I’ll write more next week after I have my booster shots and check-up with the transplant team at Johns Hopkins.

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Movies, The Statler Brothers (IDed by Cathy)

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