Day +3969: Oh, have a happy anniversary…

“…’Cause I’ve got you on my mind…”

———- Number 37 ———-

So you’re feeling nauseous, the shake is about to fly?
Girl, I got a deal for you – I’m such a romantic guy.

You’re weak, shaky and a more then a little sad,
Swerve left, dart right, f… brake!!! – See ’95 rush-hour ain’t so bad.

Your stomach turns, your bladder screams,
Hey, a rest-stop on this route?!? – only in your dreams.

You’re looking pale, you breath is shallow,
Just give ’em blood dear – let’s not wallow.

A quiet room, a comfy bed, and all you gotta do?
Lay down Love – let ’em shoot the poison into you.

A birthday gift today – hey, tradition,
I bought a pine box to help with your condition.

The thought of solid food makes you wanna cry?
Girl, I ordered our Pizza – I’m such a romantic guy.

On our anniversary, a little glimpse of heaven?
Sorry Love, Marquis de Sade wrote the script for #37.


“… (S)He wants…”

On the scale of SUCKY, the past weekend rated a good 8 of 10 ( we skipped a 9 (Urgent Care) or a 10 (ER). The poetic license in the Anniversary poem contains a bit too much reality – but no need to be repetitive.

We did have the good fortune today that the blood draw was quick, and Karen was taken into the treatment room hours early. She received Tylenol, Compazine (Anti-Nausea), a nice big bag of Type O platelets, and the coveted 1000ml of Saline.
The blood count for today showed the platelets climbed a point to whopping 8 (150 – 350 normal).

Infusion of platelets drove the count back up to 57, which is VERY NICE. Although, the platelets are life saving, they do little to combat the general malaise.
The 1000ml of saline, aside from combating dehydration, provided Karen with a little boost. The Compazine was administered to ward off the existing nausea and in hopes of preventing the chemo from making this worse. Use of pain medication is very limited for Karen currently. Most of the standard pain meds we all have come to know and love are taboo due to their side effects of lowering blood counts as well as blood pressure.

Her blood pressure consistently has been running on the low side with the diastolic (lower) number running in the low 50s and dipping more occasionally. This contributes to her feeling faint and unsteady at times.

The actual administration of the three Vidaza shots was probably the least traumatic event of the day. For “Chemo Cycle 2”, we will be heading to Hopkins everyday until Friday. Thursday’s agenda includes another blood draw and consult with her CRNP Meghan. Meghan did come up to check on Karen after receiving a note from our infusion Nurse today. The use of salt tablets was sanctioned as an optional supplement/replacement to the liter of Pedialyte she has been trying to choke down each day. The seamlessness of care in contrast to the disconnects we encountered between the two institutions (UMMC/Hopkins) is why Karen opted to suffer through the two hours of commuting each day versus getting chemo locally.

Fingers crossed for Cycle 2. Time will tell.

“…All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die,…”
“…Says the man next to me out of nowhere…”

Ok, so a subscript to the “Number 37”.

Yes, Karen felt pretty green all the way from home down 95 and into the city where we did try an emergency bathroom stop at Popeyes along the way – closed. I’m carrying the sealable bucket John and Susanne gave me; but we slid into the patient drop off spot and abandoned the car to make a run (turtle steps) for it. Yup. TMI.

Yes, I managed to line up Karen’s birthday presents on time for the present a day event starting today our 37th Anniversary through to her birthday . Well, the first present is indeed a pine box.

Stop! It is a step designed to make getting in and out of bed easier. However, it was such a just in time manufacture and delivery that we are using it to drive the mice out of the basement with the smell of vanish.

Food. We’re ordering Pizza. We have every anniversary. She might only eat one bite, but…tradition.

Wishing all of you the best!


  1. Congratulations on another year together. And here is to your next one and many more.

  2. I’m so grateful for the update… no matter how much I’m sure it was painful to write….I was really getting worried…. sending my love to you and glad you’re still participating in your traditions even if you can’t really participate. Sending my love.

  3. And happy anniversary to the two of you! Thinking of you both all the time.

  4. Hey, I knew the song without having to look it up! Although I like to call it “Soak Up the Sun” because that’s a nice line from the song. And I could sure go for some sun right now. Hoping the weather for your two-hour commutes is better than the weather we are having here in Idaho these days!

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