Day +3979: Well, show me the way…

“…To the next whisky bar…
…Oh, don’t ask why…
…Oh, don’t ask why…”

The trip to Johns Hopkins today was only marred by construction on I95.
Upon arrival it didn’t take long for Karen to be led to the bleeding station. Her Phlebotomist was very good and efficient; however, the draw site bled a little more then usual, but not alarmingly so. We now had a few hours wait, and so the quest for a semi-comfortable chair commenced. There aren’t any in the whole hospital.

The wait for the results of the bloodwork to come in seems to run on a different time scale than normal time. Karen wasn’t scheduled to see her doctor or CRNP today; so if we got lucky and the counts we good, we could head home. This was not the case.

The counts came in:
Platelets 11 -> Infusion of Platelets, a nice bag of type Os.
Whites 4.39
Reds 2.53
Hemoglobin 8.1; 8.0 is the Infusion Threshold and although the staff offered to infuse reds, Karen decided against an infusion. We like to see where the red count will wander to without a red blood boost.

Her veins are being a little uncooperative, and both her arms show signs of a mini battlefield reflected in the varying shades of red, blue, green and purple bruises.

She was given 500 ml of saline which took a bit longer then normal. One does have to turn it the pump on. Oh well. Between the arrival of the saline and platelets she hummed a little of the above ‘tag line’ song.

“… If you ever get annoyed …
Look at me, I’m self-employed …
I love to work at nothing all day …
And I’ve been takin’ care of business, every day …”

If you managed to arrive at the blog (clearing of the cache might be necessary), you noticed the change to the site. Karen has worked very hard to move the site from her old host server to a new web host. Some of the custom graphics she did or had done in past unfortunately will not function here. Stand by please – there are always technical difficulties. Reconstruction continues.

“…What can I say? I’m survivin’
Crawlin’ out these sheets to see another day…”

We were hoping for the counts will improve. Dr. Gojo has scheduled another bone marrow biopsy, and there have been some preliminary discussions on potential use of another chemo drug.

All in all, still too early to tell anything. The waiting continues and the quality of life waivers a bit – nausea, weakness, pains, spasm and the food battle make unscheduled appearances randomly and frequently throughout the day.

A bright spot – THANK YOU Dana for the peanut butter pies … Karen is nibbling away at them.



  1. My love continues to go to you both.

  2. I love you both and you are in my thoughts daily.

  3. We’re both thinking about the both of you and we love you guys so much.

  4. I hate to hear this. You have been through so much yet you maintain your positive attitude! ❤️ Prayers

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