Day +5: Wandering minds want to know (we’re on the road to nowhere*)

I’ve been trying to update this blog all day but keep getting sidetracked. This made me think of an interesting article I read in Discover magazine last year which I LINK HERE for your reading pleasure.

Not much of an update anyway. After my early Compazine-induced sleep last night, I awakened filled with good intentions for the day. I’m feeling great today. My counts have not bottomed out yet so I still have some energy, my mouth sores are barely beginning and my nausea is mostly gone so I can eat something, and without the antinausea drugs, I’m actually alert enough to enjoy a leisurely Sunday to myself puttering on my ‘puter. Life is good.

*”We’re on the Road to Nowhere” by Talking Heads, 1985

p.s. I’m posting a picture of a cute Christmas stocking Michael brought me yesterday and another of some of my gadgets.


  1. Great news again! Yay! Keep on keeping on. I loved the antinausea drugs! I cannot deal with a sick tummy at all! You are a trooper! With blessings, Lori

  2. I hadn’t realized that all your gadgets were red when we were visiting you. Your stocking is cute. But what can Santa bring you when your sign says “Please do NOT send flowers, plants, stuffed toys, or food.”? Not much left after that. Clothes and more gadgets. Hmmm…Did you plan it that way? 😀

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