Day + 541: Vacation … All I ever wanted…

“Vacation … Had to get away…”

Wow, well we are back home and recovering from the whirlwind tour – Ok, a little helicopter reference early. However, this has been a wonderful time for both Karen and me. In a way, it is hard to believe that we are doing something normal, as what other people consider normal. The trip to meet Karen’s donor, Mary Lou, and her family was made even better by a great stay on the Colombia river in Astoria, Oregon. The Helicopter ride to the crater of Mount St. Helens was spectacular! However, all of the remains of blown over trees reminded me that Karen is still not out of the woods. She started battling her first ‘flu’ before the trip, and yesterday she spent time getting X-rayed, cultured, and issued a second regimen of antibiotics (Levaquin this time). Just like on the mountain, things are fragile, but life is beautiful. I suppose the nagging feeling will always be there, that little doubt, that this ache, pain, etc. is not just routine. I’m not trying to be pessimistic (my basic nature), but the primary target audience for Karen’s Blog is people on a similar journey; so we do try to show what is going on both physically and emotionally.

However, back to the great vacation! All ‘great’ vacations must have a few days in Estes Park, Colorado! The mountains? The forest? The shops? The food? The activities – ok if you fall for that one, you really have not paid attention to this Blog. It’s the Chipmunks!!! We have hundreds of pictures of many generations of Colorado rodents. Why did we save that picture – oh, a tiny rock with a tail in a shot of vast mountains (a version of “find Chip or Dale”). Maybe, it may have something to do with Colorado being the place where we decided to get married.

Now we are relaxing / recovering at home with the Memorial Day holiday ahead (and only limited checking in on work).

Undoubtedly, the most important thing for this vacation is meeting Mary Lou! THANK YOU!

See Gallery 2 for photos!



  1. Mary Lou Benson

    Glad you made it home safe and sound. Now it’s time for Karen to focus on rest and getting over this bug! Thank you for honoring me with the trip across the country. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you both.

  2. RED RUM

  3. I am just now checking everyone’s blogs. Not many have written lately.

    I am glad the vacation was awesome. Everyone takes pictures of the cute chipmunks. It is an addiction!

    How is Karen doing now? Hopefully fully recovered after six weeks.

    We are still plowing away. I am planning a trip to see Kari. They are suppose to close on a house the day before her birthday. It is a short-sale so a little more unpredictable. I will help with packing, painting, unpacking, and watching the grandbabies. (Hopefully not all at the same time.) 🙂

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