Day -6: Kukla, Fran and Ollie

Okay, the title is misleading but the nurses I’ve had so far are Carla, Fran, and Molly so the old tv show popped into my mind.

Between the hours of 7 last night and 7 this morning, the tech drew 10 vials of my blood, a process called kinetics in which they determine how quickly the busulfan is moving through my system. The results will determine the rest of the week’s dosage. Tonight they’ll do the same thing after I get my full dose to ensure they assessed correctly. You know me – I’m glad they’re doing the chemo at night instead of in the morning, and I’m very happy that they’re extra cautious about getting the correct dose.

I saw Dr. L and a whole gang of medical students this morning. He said he heard from his wife, Dr. G, that I play Nintendo DS. She was my oncologist at University of Maryland. Michael and I persuaded her that her son really did need a DSi. Both doctors seem very nice and, more importantly, very competent.

I walked 12 laps (about half a mile) around the ward, took several naps, read, watched a dvd, played some games…. The dilantin they give me to prevent seizures is making me sleepy and a little loopier than usual. Of course, not surprisingly to me, I did fail the memory test the first day before they even started my chemo! Otherwise, I’m feeling great.

The food is institutional food but still pretty good. My room is cleaned and bedding completely changed daily. Dante, the young man who did this, apologized for disturbing me, and I told him that any housework not done by me is great, especially when I’m the beneficiary. He liked my fleece blankie that Kayla made for me a few years ago.

My chemo starts shortly, and I’m also expecting Michael to arrive soon so that’s it for today. I’ll post a few photos.

Thanks for all of the notes and comments. We are enjoying them!


  1. My immediate response to the title was–I remember that but you are too young! Hope that a sense of humor is not attached to the transplant. What if the very good person who is giving you life was a mean old grouch on the outside! Still cooking for Thanksgiving but the card I meant to send you yesterday is on my desk at work. Memory loss must run in the family but I don’t even want to go there. One cactus flower is almost open. Love you, Linda

  2. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I have been reading your posts daily and sometimes twice.

    I will think of you tomorrow, being in the hospital on Thanksgiving. I was in the hospital on Thanksgiving when Andrew was born, recovering from the HELLP syndrome that his birth caused. I remember being especially thankful because I had made it out of the ICU in time to eat the turkey dinner my mom had brought up for me and Don.

    Love you,

  3. Hey Karen!

    Does the fact that you failed the memory test BEFORE chemo mean that you have Nintendo brain instead of chemo brain? ;-p

    Sounds like you are settling in very well. I hope the chemo treats you kindly.


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