Day +6: The auctioneer said, “I’m not through yet…”

I’ve had another very good day! Even the doctor said I’m doing great. My mouth, mostly my tongue, is a little sorer today but not too bad. I’ve added a link for mucositis to the left menu bar. The doctors say I may be in for some harder times soon for a few weeks but it is a perfectly normal part of the process during the time the counts are down and we’re waiting for engraftment. It could be mild or it could be severe but I should not get discouraged–BMT is a marathon, not a sprint. They can do nothing to prevent the chemo-induced mucositis because of my very high doses of Cytoxan on top of the Bu/Flu but they are well armed to keep me comfortable for the duration until my white counts come back up to heal me.

Food and I are still having a bit of a tussle. I’m hungry and past the nausea but having trouble thinking of anything I can bear to eat. My old standby, peanut butter toast, is out because the crumbs are a bit hard on the mouth. I tried untoasted bread but it didn’t taste right. So I’ve shifted into the new phase of soft, smooth foods (including chocolate, of course).

Bonus Quiz:

Be the first to send me via personal email the Artist, Album, Song, and Year from whence the title comes and I’ll announce you as the reigning trivia champ here tomorrow.


  1. Have you thought about putting the peanut butter on crackers (saltines or ritz). They are a little softer than toast.
    I googled it too. You know me-I don’t know any of the songs. Even the Beatles.

  2. Well, I would have to google it too, so I’m going to pass. 🙂

  3. BTW, I only know one song by the artist. And it wasn’t that one. But hey, at least I knew who the artist was.

  4. Have you thought of eating peanut butter with chocolate icing on graham crackers? A favorite of my girls! As far as the title and artist, give me a pass–not my era! Love you much, Linda

  5. Hi Karen,

    Yogurt, cottage cheese, rice pudding and when all else fails … ice chips. Hoping that the mucositis will not be too bad for you.
    Glad to hear you are doing so well and still eating a little and getting around.
    Had to google the phrase as well, so no guess from us, just lots of well wishes 🙂

    Deb & Mike

  6. Hi Karen – you are so positive, such a trooper… I read up on mucositis, that sounds like a real pain to have to deal with, on top of everything else. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get much worse! Good luck finding some tasty soft foods to eat… how about chocolate ice cream? Some chubby hubby? cherry garcia?
    xo jenny

  7. GREAT KAREN! You are doing great. I really feel for your mouth pain. I skipped that one while I was having my 2 rounds of chemo…. I did have problems eating though. Everything looked and smelled and tasted wrong. You know, I remember that when I came home it took me about 3 days to be able to not smell the smell I smelled in the hospital. Must be something with the chemo, the counts being low, or just the hospital! Take care and keep hanging in there. Prayers sent you way. Lori

  8. Hi Karen, It sounds like you are doing very well under the circumstances. So good to hear that. Have no clue about the song. I am not exactly a music buff. Take good care. You are in my thoughts. Toby

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