Day +637: I hear those ice cream bells and I start to drool…

8/28/12: The procedure was surprisingly quick and easy. Going to the small outpatient surgery facility in Bel Air was so much better than going to a hospital – quiet, fast, and efficient. There are probably a lot fewer germs floating around there than at the hospital, too! I was in and out within a couple of hours. The Surgcenter is privately owned but Dr. Hoyt told me it is staffed with doctors from GBMC (Greater Baltimore Medical Center).

The nurse checked my vitals, verified my history and allergies, and started my IV with no problem whatsoever.

My ENT reviewed his potential “plans of attack” with Michael and me. He couldn’t be certain what he’d do until he actually got into my throat.

The anaesthesiologist, Dr. Jose Dominguez, a personable and obviously knowledgeable fellow, spent as much time as I wanted explaining his part. Curious by nature, I always have lots of questions. Because my lesion was in a difficult-to-reach, prone-to-swelling area, I was given a cocktail consisting of a pain killer, a muscle relaxant, a steroid, an antiemetic, and a sleep inducer, and I also had a breathing tube. He told me the names of the drugs but I’ve already forgotten. Whatever they were, they worked beautifully. All I remember is very heavy eyelids and hearing “sweet dreams” and then “all done” seemingly a moment later although it was actually about 30 minutes. I awakened easily with no unpleasant aftereffects.

My ENT told Michael that the spot was easier to reach, shallower, and simpler to remove than anticipated. He took a biopsy sample and cauterized the lesion. He prescribed liquid painkillers and a liquid diet for the day and a bland, soft diet for the rest of the week, with a return checkup in two weeks.

I awoke from the anaesthesia very hungry so we stopped at Wendy’s on the way home for a milkshake. They were small so I had two :-). My cat, Maya, and I had a long nap this afternoon, and I had Haagen Dazs ice cream cups (they were small so I had 2 :-), Dulce de Leche and Strawberry), chicken noodle soup, and two cups of Parisian roast coffee for dinner. My throat and ear are a little sore but eating and talking don’t hurt too much. I didn’t need any painkillers – didn’t even get prescription filled. More ice cream, Edy’s Butterfinger, for an evening snack. Yes, life is good!

We’re hoping to get the biopsy results Friday.

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