Day +671: …Hey farmer, you been livin’ here all your life – not yet

“Hey farmer, where does this road go?
Been livin’ here all my life, it ain’t gone nowhere yet…

“… …Hey farmer, when you gonna fix that leakin’ roof?
Ah stranger, when it’s a rainin’ it’s too wet to fix it
And when it’s dry it’s just as good as any man’s house…

“… …Hey farmer, you’re not too far from a fool are you?
Just a barbed-wire fence between us
Hey farmer, you don’t know very much do you?
No, but I ain’t lost”

Entropy or really mental entropy, or is it simply stagnation of the non-comprehending mind… eat your heart out Sigmund!
Maybe just WTF…

Yes, I have not posted in a while, more specifically, I haven’t posted since before the new cancer news.

Leaking roof, paint, malfunctioning garage door, shorted out lights, trees growing out of the gutter spouts, general disarray of the yard, etc., etc., etc….

Truth in advertising; home repair plus has never been first on my list – but what I’m really saying is there isn’t much mental flexibility left to care about anything not associated with treatment, treatment plans, and the emotional sine wave oscillation between pure apathy (minus?), utter helplessness (neutral!), and total frustration (plus?).

Karen has alluded to the fact that I’m basically a pessimist – not quite true. In discussion with my new boss on the view of “if the glass is 1/2 empty or 1/2 full” my perspective is the glass contains piss so does it really matter? Drink up.

So what? The real genius of the human mind is the ability to rationalize the absurd and create a new random norm. Too complicated – as stated before, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly the bizarre becomes ordinary.

So we will manage, muddle, stumble, cry, fear, laugh and love, but most of all just carry on with each day, hour, minute, and second and try to keep our simple life together, doubly reminded how fragile and uncertain it all is.



  1. Well, there’s no real evidence that the glass had more than 50% of its capacity, so there is no evidence that it was ever emptied at all. It is certain that glass has been filled 50%. So empirically, it is half full!

    I think I’ll have a bottled water.

  2. LMFAO………………….you are a gem!!!!
    laughter is the best medicine and Im laughing. had a shitty day and feel bad cuz your day was 1000 times worse and feel guilty
    thinking I had a bad day. But YOU made ME laugh…thanks Mike wish I could do the same. xoxo…………..Ill take a rootbeer float

  3. Speaking of glasses being half empty ( ). I thought of this as soon as I read the post. Hopefully this gives you a smile 🙂

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