Day +682: Try not to get worried…

“Try not to turn on to
Problems that upset you, oh.
Don’t you know
Everything’s alright, yes, everything’s fine.
And we want you to sleep well tonight.
Let the world turn without you tonight.
If we try, we’ll get by, so forget all about us tonight”

Got the breathing tube and foley catheter out this afternoon and am feeling human again. I had my last dose of Fentanyl at noon and just using IV administered Tylenol have been pain free except when I swallow. I look like I was in a bar brawl. My tongue is still pretty swollen from last night’s life saving maneuver so I’m not able to drink and can barely talk but all in all doing very well. Let’s keep it that way tonight!


  1. Let’s do! Glad you are okay. Wish I could do more than pray. But that will have to do. If all goes well how long will you be there?

  2. In the scope of things this is great news. Prayers will continue for both of you to have a good night. Love you. Linda

  3. So happy that you are doing fine and pain free. Praise The Lord you may continue recovering nicely

  4. Glad that scary situation is now behind you, hope the rest of your time there is boring and that you are home soon.

  5. So happy to hear the breathing tube is out. Hope you are resting comfortably. You are never far from my thoughts. Hope you get to go home soon!

  6. Good Morning Karen;
    Bet you are not able to get a good sleep in there, at least not like you are used to.
    Thanking God that you are recovering as fast as you are.
    Know you are in my prayers every day and will continue to do so.
    Have a blessed wk. end and get out of there and home very soon.
    Jan & the kitties

  7. Karen,
    We are so glad all that these is behind you and you on your way to recovery .
    LOVE you
    Mom and Dad

  8. I’m glad to hear you are making progress in your recovery. I’m also glad to see you post again.

  9. Hope things are looking up. At least, they are better than they were.

  10. Everything’s Alright from Jesus Christ Superstar.

  11. hate being so late….i know all the words to all the songs on that album……..i hope you are both doing better,,,,i just read 4 blogs and they sucked!!!!
    i read them backwars too. thinking of you often xoxo

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