Day +685: Hey, it’s good to be back home again…

“Sometimes this old farm feels like a long lost friend
Yes, ‘n, hey it’s good to be back home again”

10/15/12: Cats, naps, pain meds and Michael’s special Haagen Dazs milkshake for dinner. Life is good again…well, at least okay. It IS good to be home. I had a lazy afternoon, lying back in my recliner, half-sleeping and half-listening to my music collection on the iPad. I have some intense pain in brief episodes, generally after I nap and don’t move my tongue awhile and then try to drink/swallow upon awakening. Swallowing is a little tricky, not from a pain point of view so much as mechanically being a bit off but I am already doing better with that. I’m to remain on a full liquid diet until after the next surgery on the 24th. I’m treading carefully with the pain meds, fearful of nausea and vomiting. So far, just a little queasiness. Michael is taking very good care of me and nagging regularly about keeping hydrated and trying to eat.

Thanks for all the well wishes and for playing our music game with us!

Goodnight all.



  1. Glad to hear you are back home and hope that the pain fades quickly and you find it easier to swallow in the coming days. Having a great caregiver helps even if they can be a pain sometimes 🙂
    Sweet dreams and wishes for a better tomorrow.

  2. Glad to hear you’re finally back in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by kitties and your very own stuff 🙂 Sweet Dreams.

  3. I’m glad to read that you are home. Best wishes and a solid recovery.

  4. Good Morning Karen;
    Glad to hear you are home, hoping this morning brings you feeling better then yesterday and will keep getting better with each day.
    Know you are still in my prayers for a quick recovery.
    God Bless

  5. Glad to hear you are home and hope the pain doesn’t get too bad!!
    Thinking of you!

  6. “Hey, it’s good to be back home again, yes,” I am sure you agree with this despite the fact things are not quite normal right now. It is always a good sign when you do your own posting, Karen. I am thinking of you.


  7. I am also happy to hear you are home and eating icecream!!!!!! coffee is my fave and pistacio and black rasberry and peppermint and butter pecan and mocha fudge and mint chocolate chip and vanilla with butterscotch…..not caramel….its not even close….
    and well….you know… 🙂

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