Day + 685: “… Ooh you wait a long time for me…”

” …Ooh you wait a long time for me…”
“…requesting quiet … requesting quiet … requesting quiet”

Good Morning. Karen is resting. Pain management is the operative word today (she handles that just fine, been with me for 28 years after all). After the morning Doctors’ round, Karen was placed on a full liquid day. Note: In reference to yesterday’s tag line, Kris Kristofferson would not find this very satisfying.

All in all very quiet, maybe be released this evening.

Short update, released from the hospital this afternoon; Karen is very tired. Working on fluids and napping but at HOME!




  1. Sorry to hear about all your complications! Feel better soon! I am rooting for you!
    Simon says “meow” 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you are home. Hope it sticks this time.

  3. You guys need to stay home for a while. You travel way too much. Enjoy that new kitchen. Make some great drinks for Karen!

  4. I’m Not in Love. Big Boys Don’t Cry. 10cc ???

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