Day + 687: If I could find a way…

“…To soothe your troubled mind
Then I would erase your fears
And help you to unwind

I would ease the burden
That you carry everyday
Oh, don’t you know I’d find a cure
And take your pain away

Take your pain away…”

Karen picked this tag line for some day in the future; however, it seems appropriate for today. We have been home for two days and nothing serious is wrong, but then again nothing goes smoothly! Pain management is increasingly difficult with Karen having sharp pains in her ear and throat, sometimes rising to her temple. Her tongue is very coated and we’ve started a Nystatin regimen. Today she is back on clear liquids. Objectively, we both realize this is all very temporary, but in contrast to how good she felt immediately after the surgery, this…well…simply ain’t great. Moment by moment.



  1. Thinking of you…hang in there lady. You are a tough cookie! Praying for a swift decrease in symptomology!!!

  2. Take your pain away by the Eurythmics. Hopefully Karen will be back to real food in the not too distant future.

  3. Sorry you’re feeling the pain. Too bad six cats milling about you doesn’t help. Also too bad you don’t drink liquor! You could stew and stupify yourself:)

    Hope you get to feeling less pain soon!

  4. Karen,
    Thinking of you everyday. Hang in there!


  5. I keep you guys in my prayers

  6. Hello Karen & Michael;
    I am soo very sorry you are going through this. I know you are a tough cookie bue enough is enough don’t you think?
    Know You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Take care
    Jan & the kitties

  7. So sorry this is such a painful road. Hope things ease up VERY soon. I know how difficult it is for both of you.

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