Day + 694: …Boldly going forward ’cause we can’t find reverse…

“… … Medical update, Dr. McCoy…”

Hello everyone, Karen went into pre-op at 10:00 and then into the OR at 13:24. During the pre-op discussion with her surgeon we were told that the surgery would be at least 4 hours. Additionally, the Dr. relayed that the biopsies from the last surgery were clean. This is great news!

Will post status as the day progresses.

16:11 Status update from OR: Going fine so far – still working.
17:38 Dr. G just came and talked to me; she was very upbeat and happy with the surgery. Karen is in post-op now. I anticipate being able to see her within the hour.
19:04 Still waiting for follow-on word from recovery
22:24 Karen is settled in Ward 4A, pain is manageable; however, she is having a hard time getting her head positioned so it doesn’t hurt. Looking for some nap time ( we did the birthday ritual).

At first, I wasn’t sure if I would use this particular tagline and picture; however, it is close to Halloween. The concept of a neck dissection conjured images in my head when coupled to the robotic surgery that all led to the enclosed picture. More to the point, over the course of Karen’s treatments and in the face of unknowns it is easy for the imagination to jump to the worst of possibilities. For instance, we have talked about the bone marrow biopsies being not joyful, but the harder part is the waiting on results to come back – that time of unknown.

Karen brought her bride of Frankenstein wig – spirit and humor will carry her thru; in the mean time you’re stuck waiting with me.

“… And then Sneaky Snake goes dancin’, wigglin’, and a-hissin’
Sneaky Snake goes dancin’, gigglin”, and a-kissin’…”

During the signing of the consent forms, the doctors are obligated to inform the patient of the potential risks & side effects. In discussion with Karen’s anesthesiologist, Dr. Michael Phelps, the doctor likened the likelihood of catastrophic blood clot to the chance of being bit by a rattlesnake (7 fatalities cited last year). Of course, Karen having a small leaning towards math started discussing with the Dr. the demographic of human population density in contrast to the distribution of rattlesnakes. Pre-op is weird!

“…You’re just about as useless as jpegs to Hellen Keller…”

Well, the Army does teach one to wait – I’m pretty good at waiting, but do feel fairly helpless as things are being done just walls away.

There gives y’all three taglines to chase (now four).

More to follow…..


Note: “…I sued Ben Affleck… …Aw, do I even need a reason?…” Thank you Leslie, we had a good tension-easing laugh this morning watching the clip of Ben Affleck singing Leaving on a Jet Plane. Not the “singer” we were going for but great!


  1. Mike Kienenberger

    Apparently my day for taglines.

    My wedding theme song, Star Trekkin’, apparently by the Firm, although I had to look that up.

    Not sure about the sneaky snake.

    But when it comes to jpegs, “It’s all about the Pentiums, Baby.” as my friend Weird Al would say.

  2. Cindy Kienenberger

    I don’t know the real name of the title song, but it was used in that Star Trek skit at my wedding….

  3. Wikipedia says John Denver wrote and sang the original Leaving on a Jet Plane, but the Mamas and the Papas (not Judy Collins!) had a #1 hit with it. The irony that the song would be symbolic of his plane crash–just not a “jet plane.”

    The biopsies report is fantastic news! Or would that be “Fantasmagoriatastic” news in honor of the halloween season?

    Remember to keep Karen away from Commander Data, that Borg Queen made moves on him…

  4. Thanks for the updates Michael, so glad of the news from the previous surgery and hope you both are out there very soon with good results and without any return trips.
    Karen, remember boring is best when a patient, so stay boring!
    Big hugs to you both 🙂

  5. hope all is well tonight. I thought peter paul and
    mary did it. I have ten years together and its on there. Not sure of the others…darn…sleep tight!

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