Day +700: Oh yeah! It was like lightning…

“…Everybody was frightening…”

Greetings from a dry house with electric power/internet; hence, “Sandy” was very kind to us. Sticks in abundance throughout the yard which is normal after every storm.

Karen’s appointment to get the drains out today has been postponed until Thursday. The drain sites are very sore and the tubes cumbersome. Although in concept emptying the drains is not very difficult, in practice it is not fun.

This is the TMI section: The four plastic bulbs to collect the fluids provide a little vacuum pressure to assist draining. To empty the drain lines, one pinches off the end of the tube by the neck and with an alcohol pad runs the fluids towards the bulb with the other hand. However, the lines like to stretch and can “snap” back – with a result that is extremely painful at Karen’s neck. To avoid this, I anchor the pinching hand on the shoulder until I move the fluids four to six inches away from the neck then reposition the blocking hand. Untangling the lines before hand is also essential. Initially, all drains yielded red fluids with all but one turning to amber, then yellow by day three. The volume has been 20ml or less per drain. We’ve been emptying the bulbs twice a day (recommended was thrice). A part of the effort is sometimes to break up or move clots out of the tubes. Again not to offend sensibilities, but a part of this is always for others on a similar journey.

Karen also has been fretting over the extended use of painkillers, specifically the narcotics, and often tries to stretch out the periods between meds over the “allowed” dosage timetable. It is her balancing act of dealing with the pain now and wanting an easy transition after the tubes come out. Additionally, the drugs tend to put the bowels out of action.

“… I said you can have whatever you like…

… …Mac and cheese would be alright…”

Food has been mostly liquid offset by “semi-solids” such as soups or Mac&Cheese.

All and all, Karen is doing well – moments of fear and anxiety do happen, but mostly it is dealing with the things of the moment.

Thank you for those who actively comment on the Blog – it is appreciated. Hence, I added the second tagline just for the entertainment value!



  1. So glad it is dry there! I was JUST talking about you with friends here at work. Worrying about all of you guys and how you’re dealing with Sandy.

  2. So glad to hear Sandy went easy on you. Was big news out here, they preempted regular TV on CBS last night for hurricane coverage at 8pm to 9pm.

    Is that Ballroom Blitz? (Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!)
    Usually, I am content with just knowing the taglines to myself – (want to give others a chance har har) – but that one I’m curious about!

    Wish I could send you some of my M&C! Glad you’re doing better and better each day! Getting those drains out will be huge! May the minutes fly until you can get them out!

  3. Karen,
    Please don’t fret about the narcotics! After all you have been through you deserve to be comfortable. Don’t worry about becoming addicted….it takes a lot more to become addicted 🙂 So please stay comfortable. I am thinking about you dearly and Simon sends his love and purrsss. Laura

  4. I would have sworn it was:

    Everybody was Kung Fu fighting, those cats were fast as lightning
    In fact it was a little bit fright’ning, but they fought with expert timing

  5. Glad you survived sandy!!!

  6. just got power back out since monday 4m…like camping with a roof over here…went camping with cubs friday and sat…left at 9pm in prep for the storm
    josef let me and the cook andy open at 4 yestday and as I thought…got slammed and made the rest of my mortgaage payment yeah!! i too think it SWEET…tag line one. glad you two didnt have to deal with outages alone with the rest of you crapola…tell me when you csn eat PIE again and its yours..xoxoxo

  7. Is the tag “Let’s Do the Timewarp Again?” or is it simply called “Timewarp?”

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