Day +702: There’s a cat in the kettle at the Peking Moon…

“…the place where I eat every day at noon.”

Cat in the Kettle11/1/12: No, this is not another from our Weird Al collection, although it is incorrectly attributed to him on the Internet. It is a parody, however, of Harry Chapin’s Cat’s in the Cradle. That’s your hint for the day. This Cat in the Kettle video is very funny.

I had a bad night – couldn’t get comfortable for sleeping and got up irritable and nauseated again. I was expecting a call from Hopkins to reschedule my drain removal and my surgeon checkup, so naturally everyone but them called. I tried calling the scheduler at noon but all I got was voicemail. Eventually, I obtained a number for the nurses’ station, and they told me I could come in anytime today or tomorrow for the drains. I took some hydrocodone for pain and Ativan for nausea and hitched a ride with my brother-in-law downtown. We didn’t have to wait long at all and the nurse, Maureen, was very nice. She forewarned me that it would be “take your breath away” painful each time she pulled one of the four drains. I’d also read this in another patient’s blog so was worried. Actually, it wasn’t bad at all, just a very brief twinge each time. I was grateful I’d taken the pain killers ahead of time. Hurray, a step toward normalcy again, no more borg tubes.

I’ve been rather depressed the past few days, longing for the ordinary post transplant life I’d happily settled into before this latest cancer turned everything upside down once more. It’s especially upsetting to have the nausea return and to have so much trouble eating again. My throat isn’t very sore but my tongue isn’t moving properly, nor is my jaw, so the food gets trapped in various unreachable places when I try to chew or in my throat on the way down. Before this, my brother-in-law and I used to stop at P.F. Chang’s frequently for lunch or dinner on the way to or from Hopkins appointments. Today, I made up my mind I was going to go there and eat my usual fare. We always get an array of appetizers to share and top it off with banana spring rolls for dessert. We sat in a dark corner of the bar since my table manners aren’t great right now. I substituted wonton for my usual hot and sour soup and didn’t have room for dessert but I was able to eat at least a few bites of everything else – crab wontons, chicken lettuce wraps, and dynamite shrimp. It was frustratingly slow going, and I consumed two pots of peach ginger tea and two large glasses of water to get it all down but I did it! Small victories. I brought Michael carry-out mu shu pork for dinner. He didn’t eat it all so that may be my lunch tomorrow.

You’ve done well with tag lines this week. We’ll give you credit for the ID even if you didn’t get the titles or artists quite right in every case, all in the spirit of good fun.

Tag Lines:
Day +698: Do I Creep You Out, Weird Al Yankovic – parody of Do I Make You Proud by Taylor Hicks
Day +700: Ballroom Blitz, Sweet (IDed by Chris, Dana, good attempts by Guy and Robb)
……….Whatever You Like, Weird Al Yankovic – parody of Whatever You Like by T.I. (IDed by Guy and Mike)
Day +701: This Is Halloween, Danny Elfman from Nightmare Before Christmas (IDed by Robb, Leslie)


  1. Sorry you’ve been feeling blue, and struggling with food again. I hope that this is fleeting, and much more temporary than last time!

  2. There’s a Cat in the Kettle, by Bob Rivers. That peach ginger tea sounds divine. Hopefully the throat and tongue issues will get better with your physical therapy/speech therapy.

  3. Good Morning;
    Karen I am so very sorry to hear of all that you are going through.
    Know that you are in my prayers and praying that you will be back to your cheerful self very soon with oout pain.
    May you have a blessed day

  4. No more “Loquacious of Borg?” Well at least you kept the loquacious!

  5. I recognized the song your lyrics are based off of this week. I like Cat’s in the Cradle. Probably because it made me think of my dad’s deployments, and now it applies to all my travel. No kid in the picture on my end though.

    Congratulations on finding the small victories. Baby steps are important.

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