Day +711: Come on baby, make it hurt so good

11/10/12: An easy tagline today, often used for workouts and physical therapy, and chosen because I started physical therapy on my neck and shoulders yesterday. I returned to my previous therapist from a year ago, Suze, fortunate to have someone I like close to home. Initially, I’ll be continuing the exercises I’ve already been doing but increasing repetitions and hold times. She also gave me a heavenly massage. I can’t wait to return on Monday for another. It makes the pain worthwhile.

I’m doing very well, down to painkillers twice a day. I switched from hydrocodone with Tylenol to plain oxycodone (5mg) because I’m worried about too much Tylenol damaging my liver. I learned during my transplant that although narcotics are dangerous because of their addictive qualities, they are much easier physically on the body because of the way they’re metabolized. This has to do with a family of cytochrome enzymes called P450. I had intended to explain this process further but after a lot of reading, I still don’t understand it well enough to do so succinctly. A chemist I’ll never be!

Thank you again for the support and the comments here. We appreciate them all greatly!

Tag line update
Day +702: Cat’s in the Kettle, Bob Rivers (IDed by Leslie)
Day +703: Keep on the Sunny Side, The Whites from O Brother Where Art Thou? (originally written in 1899 by Ada Blenkhorn with music by J. Howard Entwisle)
Day +707: I’m Still Standing, Elton John (IDed by Chris)
Day +708: There Only Was One Choice, Harry Chapin
Day + 709: Celebration, Kool and the Gang (IDed by Linda)

Just curious, did anyone look up the Harry Chapin epic? It’s from one of my favorites of his albums, Danceband on the Titanic. I used to listen to it over and over on cassette (or was it 8-track?), driving back and forth to college – a very long time ago, lol. Both Michael and I love Harry Chapin because he was such a great story teller.


  1. With all the water you drink, I doubt that tylenol is building up anywhere, but it’s definitely good to hear that the pain is subsiding. A little better every day!

    The song is “Hurt so Good” by John “I used to call my self Cougar” Mellencamp.

    I’m jealous over the massages ! 🙂 All I have is a cat that walks all over me, and he doesn’t do so with any precision.

  2. Correct on the tagline, Chris!

    I do drink a lot of water :-). Unfortunately, it isn’t the 90% that’s cleansed from the liver with water that’s the problem with acetaminophen (Tylenol). It’s the 10% that requires glutathione. If your glutathione levels get depleted, Tylenol can easily damage your liver. (Asparagus, garlic, and avocados help replenish liver glutathione.) Alcohol also uses glutathione for metabolization, so don’t ever drink with Tylenol either. My liver enzymes were elevated a long time post transplant (probably mild gvhd) and finally got back into normal range a few months before the tongue cancer mess started, so I’m also extra cautious. Please be very careful if you ever have reason to take acetaminophen for longer than 10 days.

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