Day + 737 Ride the wild wind… Push the envelope, don’t sit on the fence…

“(Hey, hey, hey)
Ride the wild wind
Live life on the razor’s edge
(Hey, hey, hey)
Gonna ride the whirlwind
It ain’t dangerous – enough for me”

Greetings everyone, we are happily at home after spending the day at Johns Hopkins for Karen’s TWO YEAR post BMT check-up!

The morning started with the usual blood draw in preparation to see the doctors. Karen will publish the counts, but they are good!

” …number nine, number nine, number nine …”

Karen had a bit of anxiety over having to face yet another bone marrow biopsy. The last one wasn’t a joy; hence, one never knows. She had a new Tech, Don, assisted by Tasha to extract the required sample plus the additional donation for research (my lab rat participates in all studies and trials if the opportunity presents itself – a little for others and the future). Don executed the biopsy flawlessly, but it was very painful.

We ate at the cafeteria after the procedure; Karen had a steak fajita salad. There was enough food that Rocky, too, will eat well tonight. Food tastes ok which is ever a major quality of life factor!

Karen ran into her neck surgeon in the hall and had a short chat. Her neck scars where quickly assessed and directed to be covered up! Well, it was an honest opinion, not a “wow you look great but you really looked awful earlier” – Karen can explain this phenomenon later.

The visit with the transplant doctor was short but good. It can be summed up with: You’re doing great! Get your two year “baby” shots, yup it is a spot on your back, see the Dermatologist and come back soon – I mean in a year. Karen’s NP has new boots and a new hair color which were the topics to cover awkward waiting periods. What did one expect – things are going well!

“…Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it’s been…”

The opening tagline is really directed at how quickly another year has passed. For everyone on a similar path as Karen: we wish you the best on “the long and winding road” of Life!

There all you alls out there, that is four songs to ID!




  1. Great news for the two year visit.
    I’m going to be lazy and only ID one song, “Truckin” The Grateful Dead.
    Mike and Deb

  2. Fantastic news. Now you get to relax for quite some time to come!

    We’ve got Revolution #9 from the Beatles (bonus trivia: the white album)

    More Beatles, The long and winding road.

    I had to look up the song in the tag line, so I’ll leave for someone else to ID.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Great news!!! So happy to hear it.

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