Day + 8: A Three Song Day

“… or you might look like Larry, Moe or Curly if a stranger cuts your hair …” : “… Bottle of red, bottle of white, Whatever kind of mood you’re in tonight …” : “… One pill makes you larger, and one pill …”

Karen is doing good. She got a haircut from her nurse Karen last night. Picture to follow. Mouth sores are continuing to provide a challenge to eating, hence a little oxycodone is in the mix today. This supports additional napping! Blood counts are down, as expected, so it is not really a bottle of red or white more like two bags of yellow (platelets).


  1. Hang in there Karen! I can’t wait to see the new do!

  2. What delightful creativity we gain from your blog. Can’t wait for the new picture. Regardless of the outward show, you are 100% gutsy lady and I’m proud to be a part of your family. Michael you are a rock! God bless, love, Linda

  3. Wow! You really got it cut off. Wish we could see a frontal picture of you. It looks like it is cute though. Who’s is shorter? You or Michael? Well, let’s see what it looks like when this is all done and over with. But I think short might be a cut to consider in the future.
    Love you.
    Cathy 🙂

  4. Still doing good Karen! I can’t wait to see your hair either! I got mine cut and 2 weeks later I got it buzzed! It’s not bad, just requires hats because it gets cold up there! Lori

  5. Andy Thomas and John

    Karen, you are in our continued thoughts and prayers! Glad you are so strong and are going to beat this! Fight , fight, fight! We love ya, Andy, Thomas and John

  6. Good afternoon;
    Have not been on line for a couple of days.
    I can’t wait to see your new hair cut.
    Glad to hear things are going as planned just sorry that your mouth is so sore.

    Had a UMW church Christmas party yesterday
    I was awarded an award for Special Mission Recognition. This was for me going to shut in’s every wk. giving flowers, pies or cakes and me taking over the food pantry.
    I got the certificate and a gold pin that has a cross on it.
    I truly was shocked. They took my picture and are going to put it in the paper.
    Going to a cat show this Sat. with Summer, Autumn & Haus. Going after winners ribbons and if nothing happens they are not up against any other open so I should come back with 3 Champions.
    Know you will still be in my prayers and thinking of.

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