Day +833: See me, feel me, touch me, heal me…

3/12/13: Today is the first day since I had my skin biopsy done on January 16 that the spot isn’t excruciatingly painful when the dressing is changed. It’s still very sore but I’m able to touch the wound and feel that it’s shallower. Michael and my dermatologist have both been telling me the spot is slowly healing but today was the first time in eight weeks that I could notice an improvement myself! I’m so glad we thought of using the opsite bandages. The entire area is also better after using the stronger steroid cream (clobetasol) for two weeks, although I can’t use it on the biopsy site or under the bandage.

The other, less happy, milestone today is coming down with my third cold since Christmas, this time starting in my chest and throat. In the words of Roseanne Roseannadanna, “It’s always something….” (Bonus points if you can identify the actress and show. Hint – watch this: Columbia School of Journalism Commencement Speech.)


  1. Dr. “Frankenstien’s” wife.

  2. Just guessing, grasping here, but could you look at it as if every cold you get and knock out is making your immune system a little stronger? 🙂

    I just noticed your little christmas town pic with the halloween mausoleum in the back 🙂 Where’s Jack???? Is he hiding out of sight?

  3. I am glad to hear it is healing. Slow but sure is better than nothing. We must be patient. I hope you get rid of the cold soon. We were sick for a wile in Ja. David actually started before Christmas. It took almost forever to get over it. Just keep telling yourself that this too shall pass. Love you.

  4. BTW, song is from Tommy… and it would be Tommy. I had a recollection just the other day of your Tommy falling out of the window and into your lap. Made me chuckle

  5. Mike Kienenberger

    We’re all sick with a cold/sore throat here as well.

  6. I pray you will feel better soon and stay in good health.

  7. I bet it feels great to feel the difference yourself!! Thinking of you!

  8. Gilda Radner. Saturday Night Live. Poor Gilda…died of ovarian cancer…too young.

    Sherry 61+ years old…AML-6 8mths post BMT

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