Day +846: Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow…


“It won’t be long before we’ll all be there with snow
Snow, snow, I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow
Snow, I long to clear a path and lift a spade of snow
Snow, oh, to see a great big man entirely made of snow, snow”

3/25/13: We sleep in a dark, windowless room in the basement, our own quiet little comfort cave – cool in the summer, warm in the winter – a habit we acquired while living in Alaska. This morning, I was awakened with what I thought was Michael’s routine goodbye kiss and mumbled the usual, “Love you, be careful.” Imagine my delight when he replied, “I’m not going anywhere. We have 5 inches of snow!” I ran upstairs and did a happy dance for the unexpected and amazingly beautiful wonderland our woods had become overnight. Click the thumbnail above for the larger photo (sorry it’s blurry and really doesn’t come close to the magnificence of the reality).

I probably won’t do another blog update until after my next string of seemingly never ending medical appointments: dermatology on 3/27, hematology on 4/3, mammography on 4/8, and otolaryngology on 4/16. But here’s a quick synopsis.

After 10 weeks, the biopsy site on my back still has not healed. It’s not even as good as it was a couple of weeks ago, although it’s better than before. The opsite bandages really help with the pain.

After nearly two weeks, my cold is still with me and has moved into my head in addition to the initial chest congestion. I ran into Dr. B in the hospital hallway after visiting my mom last week. He said I sounded terrible and upon listening to the raspy wheezing in my lungs, he called in prescriptions for a chest x-ray, avelox antibiotic, and albuterol sulfate inhaler. The chance meeting was fortuitous; I’d just called his office to try to get an appointment but he was booked solid. They were trying to work me in. Thankfully, the chest x-ray was clear. I’m coughing a lot and still very tired despite getting more sleep but otherwise am not feeling bad.

Tag Lines

  • Day +829: It Gets Better, Fun.
  • Day +833: Listening to You / See Me, Feel Me from Tommy by The Who (IDed partly by Chris who correctly named the artists and album – and yes, our cat Tommy is named after the song lyrics)
  • Day +833 bonus question: performer Gilda Radner and show Saturday Night Live (correctly IDed by Sherry and Michael)

    1. BEAUTIFUL Picture!!!!

      Sorry to hear the cold is sticking around. Feel better.

    2. Just wanted to wish you a happy,and joyous Easter!
      Stay happy, and healthy and keep in touch.

    3. Saw the next post so thought I would look at this tagline that no one IDed.
      Snow by Danny Kaye. Of course I looked it up. There were other people that sung it too. I am using Danny Kaye because I know who he was. 🙂
      And since I read the next post already, I know you are doing much better. So that is good! Your Winter Wonderland is beautiful. I am looking for Spring to come and stay! You know me. I do not like to be cold! 🙂

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