Day +929: Don’t look too deep into those angel eyes…

6/16/13: I saw the new ophthalmologist, Dr. Prescott, last Monday (June 10) at the Wilmer clinic closer to home. I spent the hour’s wait looking at new frames but couldn’t find any I liked better than my old Silhouettes. The personable new doctor has fantastic credentials and spoke very highly (“She’s brilliant!”) of my previous ophthalmologist, Dr. Akpek. The GvHD is apparently fairly stable, and I’m to continue my current regimen, adding up to two more doses of Restasis daily, if possible. Dr. Akpek has urged me all along to use Restasis more often but it’s extremely irritating to my eyes. I’ve done better the past few months, twice daily instead of just once before bedtime. Dr. Prescott suggested refrigerating the drops to decrease the burning sensation. The punctal plugs are still in my lower ducts and partly alleviating the dryness. My vision is clearer some days than others. I’m scheduled to return for followup in four months, October 16. I like the new doctor and the convenience of the local clinic but miss all the eager young residents and students and the opportunities to participate in research.

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