Day +1763: You-you-you’re just my type…

“Oh, you got a pulse and you are breathing”

9/28/2015: September will soon be eclipsed by October like yesterday’s moon.

The days and months have slipped by, and Karen is planning her 5th Rebirthday Party – surreal is the thought that at one point we rationalized a 6 month prognosis “to live” as a long time.

The past year has been “normal” – chronic GvHD persists, and so do regular and routine trips to Johns Hopkins. The year has been very hard on our furry family – poignant reminders about the randomness of life. On the event horizon is an MRI based on some nerve pains in Karen’s neck and ear — note: all pains, aches, sniffles, and coughs are always a little scarier than before, not in the sense of losing the perception of youthful immortality, but that nothing is ever safe after Leukemia (MDS if you want to argue blasts or cytogenetics). Yes – this MRI is for that annoying little sidetrack of the throat stuff.

However, a day is a good day – kittens roam the house, and we are both here to enjoy things in our own little ways – Life!

So off to plan Karen’s birthday theme for this year – still keeping the tradition of a gift a day between our anniversary and Karen’s birthday. But, the big one for this year is the Rebirthday Bash, maybe just as significant or as arbitrary as day plus one hundred; but be that as it may – hope you can be with us, even if in spirit only, on Karen’s special day.

So maybe you can sing along with the second tag line in the post…..

“… They say it’s your birthday…
… we’re gonna have a good time…”


  1. Holy crap batman 5 years???!!!
    Life at red lobster in bel Air makes the days go
    By like years!!! My new life has virtually no
    Traces of my old life. I’m not a bartender, and
    There is no pate, rare tuna, crabballs, escargot,
    Liver, veal, pork, seabass,crabmeat,etc etc..oh
    And there’s very very very few people I know and
    15 % tips are much much hire than the norm. But
    Alas I am employed. It took 3 months to get a job
    And most of my new coworkers are great… lazy and young but nice so……when ou visiting???

  2. Oh yeah and
    “Happy birthday to you
    It’s my birthday oo ya!!!!
    PS. I’m going to ing in october

  3. Well, the second tag line is the Beatles, so I guess that counts for something. I can’t believe it’s been five years already. Here’s to many, many more!

  4. I can’t wait to help you celebrate!

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