Day +0.5: Is it nap time yet?

A busy day, trying to catch naps in between all the daily chores performed by the doctors, nurses, and service assistants that require patient interaction. Joan and Warren came for a good visit. Warren and I even got in a game of Ticket to Ride on the xbox 360 while Joan tended to getting me food, drinks, and information. Joan also brought a stack of birthday cards and an early Christmas card. I forgot to mention yesterday that she and Kayla made a cheery winter fleece blanket for me, soft and snuggly, too…thank you!

Michael visited later and watched me nap. Food continues to be a struggle, as do the laps but I’m managing both gingerly. We scrounged another recliner for my room this evening and rearranged the furniture to accommodate it.


  1. Don’t push yourself. You are going to be weak for awhile. Just do a little each day. Be happy for what you do accomplish and not fret about what you don’t. Hang in there!
    Love you.
    Cathy 🙂
    PS I sent a gift to your email.

  2. I just looked at more of your pictures. The close-up picture of “Karen & Karen” is a really good one. Thanks for the continuing progress in dialog and pictures. You are doing a great job documenting your journey.
    Cathy 🙂

  3. Cathy – what a great virtual gift! Thank you. You know how I love red shoes and goodies. Love, Karen

  4. Two recliners! Whoa! That is great! Sitting in bed all day is not for me; the recliner is much better.

    Hope the German is a quick engrafter! Congrats on keeping up the laps — highly important stuff, exercise.

    Keep at it!


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