Day +63: Mama, don’t take my [digicam] (away)

Just a few new photos, including car. See the Photo Gallery link above.


  1. Mike Kienenberger

    If you didn’t want visitors, it seems like there may have been less dramatic ways to signal that….

    All you need now is some militants lined up with guns behind it….

    As for damages, after a new coat of paint, it should be good as new!

  2. I don’t think the salt helped much. Do you?
    I don’t recall any postings that your hair disappeared. You look cute. A little (or is that big?) Munchkin.
    For my estimate I will go with $4283.89. Just in case I am within a penny, do I get a prize? 😀

  3. Better get Maaco! Mike, where were you going in all the ice? Glad you weren’t hurt. Glad to see you are both home and loving it. We were so happy to hear that you could come Home. Dorothy really had it right “There’s no place like home” Karen, I like your “new do”. But keep that hat handy–its cold out there. Best wishes to you both. Love Sherry

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