On the Amazon

There’s a funny old song by Don McLean, On the Amazon, playing on my iPad. I keep forgetting to mention that I ordered a DVD from Amazon.com on Sunday with delivery requested to my hospital ward, a test case. I’m happy to report that the package arrived before I did – no withdrawal from my Amazon habit anticipated anytime soon!


  1. That’s good. Withdrawals are never good. 😀

  2. Good Night Karen;
    Hoping you had a blessed day.
    May God watch over you this Thanksgiving Day and all of the days to follow.
    Know I am praying for you to get well very soon.
    God Bless
    Jan & her Fur Purrs

  3. HAPPY TURKEY DAY. We are so thankful for this opportunity for you. We hope your day is full of many blessings!

  4. By the way . . . . Happy Thanksgiving. Some folks around hear say they can taste whatever poison of the day the docs are pumping into their IV. I never had the pleasure myself, but if you’re one of those chemically-sensitive folks, may your busulfan today taste like Thanksgiving dressing (which everyone knows is better than the turkey itself.

    Take care.


  5. Just popping in to say “hey,” and to tell you how thankful I am for your friendship. Thinking of you (and Michael) on this special day . . .

    Thanksgiving hugs,

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