Day 0: T Date

My New Marrow01:04:42 Started the Infusion –

A beautiful big 1342mL bag of O+ marrow (just looks like blood) from Germany [Note: a year later, we learned the marrow actually came from Washington state.] – no new blood type for me! Michael regaled me with rebirthday cards from him and the kitties, as well as a cute little fiber optic Christmas tree. I love presents!

…03:07:25 the flow continues, more than half finished now.

…04:26:32 Complete!!!!!

Time for sleep.

January 5, 2012 Correction: I learned today that my marrow came from Washington state, USA, not Germany. I think my nurse guessed incorrectly because of the timing.


  1. Brenda Burdette Warehime

    Happy Re-Birthday!!!

  2. Happy Re-birthday Karen! Another day to celebrate with cake – how wonderful!


  3. Happy Re-Birth. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. To a strong recovery.

  4. Happy Re-Birthday, dear Karen. Thanks giving to someone in Germany. God bless and love, Linda

  5. Happy Re-Birthday! You’ve demystified the process for me! That’s pretty sweet: birthday, rebirthday, Christmas. Sounds like you have nearly three months of the year set aside for presents.

  6. Andy Thomas and John

    Happy Birthday Karen!!! I didn’t know we were both O+!! Thankful that the procedures are going so well so far — praying that the recovery goes smooth and is speedy. Love you lots, andy

  7. Hi Karen! Happy re-Birthday! Hope everything is progressing well. Toby

  8. Good Morning Karen and praying that it is a good morning and a wonderful day for you.
    You are 0+ & I am 0-, but we both are in the 0’s anyway.
    I pray yesterday went well for you and each day to follow.
    Know you are in my prayers.
    God Bless and get you well again.

  9. Happy Re-Birthday!
    A visit from Chris made me brave and attempt to leave a message on your blog. Remember I’m a Flinstone in a Jetson World.
    My very special prayers and thoughts are with you.

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

    HOPE you are doing GREAT!!!!


  11. Hi Karen,
    I hope the infusion went well with no complications. I believe you will recover from all of this extremely well! You have a very positive attitude, which is a tremendous asset! You are in my prayers.
    Steve 🙂

  12. The things you will do for another birthday and presents. You are just like a little kid. Wait a minute, we already knew that. Love you.
    Cathy 🙂

  13. The process is not at all like I imagined it to be. I hope you have a speedy recovery, that the time flies by and your appetite comes back.

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