Day + 1833: …and even if you manage to ride, you are shaken up inside…

“…and it’s gonna be a long time before you ride that bull again…
…If love was a train, but love ain’t a train.”

For the curious, this is an ultrasound guided needle biopsy of a level five lymph node (left side of the neck and shoulder).  This stop was marked both on the screen and the skin; just another pause on the tracks of treatments.

“Driving that train, high on lidocaine, (Cocaine)
Doctor Jones you better watch your speed. (Casey)
Trouble ahead, trouble behind…”

Ok, everybody hold your breath for seven days until the results come in — then everything appears ok for today, onward on the tracks of life.  The difference between the “new” normal and the “A…B…” normal are often hard to sort out.

Ok, working backwards in time: Thank you to everyone who shared, contributed, or attended Karen’s Big Five Year Re-birthday party on 30 November.  Mary Lou – simply:  Thank you! You’ll have to wait for Karen’s post for the details; however, Kayla – you did a great job with the decorations and fruit and cookies!

“…If we can hold on through the night …
We have a chance to find the sunshine…
Let’s keep on looking for the light…”

So my friends, my friends – perhaps Karen will honor us with a song (or blog).  After all, this little side act to her re-birthday show reads MRI – hey what’s that? Ultrasound for Thyroid nodules, good – sure great,  – hey what’s that palpable lymph node – go to top of post.

From the caregiving vantage point: “What – me worry?”  — only if one is Mad!

Note – this emotional excerpt contains five tags lines, three of them musical. Any takers?

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