Day +693: Sell a couple bottles of Doctor Good…

The focus of the moment is quickly shifting to the second surgery but before that wave hits us – I want to outline our concoctions.

After the TORS we were a little surprised that Karen’s staple diet through the BMT transplant, milkshakes, did not work because of cold / nerve sensitivity. Hence, warming the liquids became key.

The shakes consisted of one chocolate or vanilla Carnation Breakfast Essentials (11 fl oz/ 250 cal) mixed with 2 opposite flavor Häagen Dazs ice creams (3.6oz cup/ 220 cal). Mixing the flavors toned down the intensity of the pure chocolate or vanilla flavors. This was mixed with a ten ounce glass of ice in the blender.

To increase the calorie level at that time, we started adding BeneColorie; however, the almost fishoil or varnish consistency didn’t tend to mix in as well, and it had an unpleasant aftertaste.

Post the TORS, we added vanilla Nestle Boost, Very High Calorie (8 fl oz / 530 cal). The viscosity of the Boost is better than the BeneCalorie but not great. No bad aftertaste. Adding a packet of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate helped.

The shake with Boost, ice cream, Instant Breakfast and ice top out at a little more than a liter of fluids – warmed, Karen nursed that throughout the day.

A Boost, Häagen Dazs, and Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate combo made a more reasonable serving (about 11 oz – I still added a little ice during mixing). I sampled it and thought it tasted yummy but Karen said it was a little thick. She liked the liter mix better.

As Karen was not on steroids during the BMT or post surgery and has never had blood sugar issues, maximizing calorie intake was the focus, not managing sugar intake!

Note: Carnation Instant Breakfast is available with no sugar added. We did try some of the Ensure products, too, but settled on this set of concoctions.

Also, I realize that the powder mixes are more economical and varied, but for consistency in preparing the mix, I liked the little bottles and ice cream cups. Plus prior to my own second cup of coffee, I’m not very functional – it all had to be doable in Zombie mode.

Warm herbal teas with honey (Tazo Zen, Twinings Chamomile or Peppermint, and Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat), chicken and beef broth, and boullion broth were also essential this time. The Throat Coat tea was recommended by Karen’s speech pathologist.

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  1. Good morning, my dear cousins. I shall be keeping you in my heart all day. I love you, Linda

  2. gypsys tramps and thieves…………….Cher

  3. got one finally Im here early enough at the library.
    put kisses on karen and I hope she isnt in alot of pain. Feed Rocky something yummy and take a nap!!! xoxo

  4. Thought and prayers!!

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