Day +959: I don’t need you to worry for me ’cause I’m alright…

Karen 7/16/2013: Today, I had a regular 4 month follow-up with my surgeon, Dr. Gourin. She peered in my mouth and ears, poked and prodded my oral tongue, did the usual through-the-nose scope to view the base of my tongue, and said everything looks wonderful. I asked if the neck numbness under my chin is most likely permanent. She said it’s difficult to tell for the first year or longer if the nerves will heal and feeling return. I’ve contemplated plastic surgery to remove some of the bulk in hopes that it might feel more comfortable but I can’t summon the courage to go under the knife again yet. She assured me that it would be considered medical, not cosmetic, and therefore covered under insurance. For now, however, I opted for a referral to a lymphedema specialist at Hopkins instead to see if more physiotherapy might help, this time with someone more familiar with the procedure than my local physiotherapist. I need to call for an appointment. My next surgical follow-up is in four months, November 19th. Of course, there’s no shortage of medical appointments in the meantime – dental this Friday and dermatology and hematology next month.

On a more fun note, Michael and I are in the midst of planning a long weekend at Lake Tahoe with my sister and brother-in-law for my 60th birthday in October. The four of us stayed at the Calneva Resort on the north end of the lake for my 50th and loved it. Sadly, the Calneva will be undergoing renovations this fall so we’ll have to stay elsewhere.

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  • Congratulations to Leslie for three in a row!


    1. Billy Joel ‘My Life’

    2. You should go see my sister when you are at Tahoe. She goes up there all the time.

    3. Your news sounds great! Hope you have a great time at Lake Tahoe!!

    4. Are horses always healthy? You’re looking healthy as a horse. You are such an inspiration.

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