Day +4025: Oh he love…he does love his numbers…

Oh he love, he love, he love
He does love his numbers
And they run, they run, they run him
In a great big circle
In a circle of infinity
But he must, he must, he must
Put a number to it.

12/7/2021: Catching up on tag lines lately, something was nagging at the back of my mind as wrong but I didn’t know what; finally on my rebirthday, I realized that there’s no way 11 years should add up to 5017 days! I recalculated and realized our count was off by 1001 (Arabian nights anyone?), two separate errors propagated from a number of past posts. I believe all are fixed now.

I started Vidaza cycle four (or 31 in total) yesterday. My platelets were great but disappointingly, my red and white blood counts dropped in the past week and I needed a red cell transfusion. Last Monday / yesterday:

Platelets: 130 / 228 Yay! 😍 normal range
WBC: 3.05 / 2.78 🙁
ANC: 0.92 / 0.77 🙁
RBC: 2.80 / 2.60 🙁
Hemoglobin: 8.8 / 8.2 😕

Again, the numbers are a confusing mixture; Vidaza is obviously helping the platelets but seems unable to keep up with the other cells. I opted for a 5-day cycle again but may up it to seven days next month. Good news is I can continue taking one naproxen daily, a seemingly small boon but actually mind blowing. One little blue pill (Aleve, not the other one 😉) at bedtime lasts me 20+ hours, more if supplemented by a Tylenol midday. All last week, I was pain free with no nausea or vomiting and was able to eat “regular” food instead of supplement shakes. Food didn’t taste bad anymore! Today, after yesterday’s chemo, I’m a bit queasy and have no appetite but am still pain free. I hope my appetite and taste buds will improve again next week and the Aleve will continue keeping the inflammation and pain at bay. Fingers crossed.

For my third and final number-related item in today’s post, I have sad news from a fellow traveler, the talented young author, Suleika Jaouad. She had her bone marrow transplant for AML in 2011 and like me, was considered cured. My heart sank as I read the opening words in her latest newsletter (that I suggest you read in full): “There is something I wish to tell you today, something I have long feared but hoped would never come to pass….” Michael and I have followed her story since I first read her excellent column in the New York Times in 2012. Despite being 35 years my junior, her medical experiences as well as her world view resonated with us. I highly recommend her recent book, Between Two Kingdoms – we preferred the audio version, to hear her story in her own voice. 

Until next time, happy holidays, enjoy life.

xoxo, Karen

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  1. So glad to hear you have had some physically better days. You certainly deserve this. Sending you positive healing vibes. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas.

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