Day +4049: Over the hills and far away

“...Looking out for a better day
When it seems like there’s no escape
Take me to my happy place…”

TV time…..’Gloom, despair, and agony on me, Deep, dark depression, excess’ …opps, sorry, Click! ... ‘but if you close your eyes’…Click!..Click!…Click! …’525,600 minutes, 525,000 moments so d’ …Click! …just channel surfin’ to find the ball dropping. Click!

Happy New Year Everyone! … Ah, here we go….

There, that’s better. 2022?!? Wow, wait, what happened to 2010??? Nope, senility ain’t hit me fully yet, yup – debatable, but also not relevant. However, 2021 was for Karen a lot like 2010. Somebody let the cancer out of the bag or bones again and poof, she was reliving many of the experiences from the first time around. The problem with the relapse is that it seemed to have changed all the rules of how we thought her body would respond to treatment.

“… I wish someone would’ve told me that this life is ours to choose
No one’s handing you the keys or a book with all the rules…”

So, let keep with the tv theme…
The stage of this drama is Johns Hopkins,
The director is Dr. Ivana Gojo
The star is Karen ….
The cast are nurses, techs, family and friends …
The setting is a platelet count of 5, the red and white counts in a nose dive …


The recap. … and …Last year in the life of Karen, four cycles day of Vidaza (five days of treatment/Chemotherapy). September and October hit new lows both physically and emotionally. The scary question on any moments and any day was simply: Is it worth it to keep going? Scary beyond description. The torture of the treatments, the progression and status of the disease, the twists and turns of side effects resulted in “no quality of life” on the register. Hope wasn’t peeking on the horizon.

Karen’s will, the pragmatism of her doctor, the determination of her team, the simple inclusion of some standard ‘bad meds’ (Tylenol / Aleve) and poof, here we are at New Year’s Eve.

29 Dec – CRNP Meghan
3.2 White …. low
9.9 Hemoglobin…. low
237 Platelets…. slightly better than a 5….. Mid-normal range now! 😀
1500 Neutrophil….Bottom of normal range! 😀

“…We’ll have ourselves a time
And we’ll dance ’til the morning sun
And we’ll let the good times come in
And we won’t stop ’til we’re done…”

Karen is starting the New Year with a ‘Bang, Bang, Bang’ …seven day cycle of chemotherapy. The hope is that the increase in treatment days may coax the red and white counts to respond better. It could also drive them down further, increase side effects, or do nothing; there is no way of knowing ahead of time.

Currently, Karen’s energy level is fairly low (red count issue); however, she has once again successfully transitioned away from the protein shakes and is eating regular meals. Going through a binge of watching the Closer and its spinoff. She snuck off and had Christmas dinner with my family. Today she made a pot of chili and is looking forward to a short visit from our nephew Sam. A small slice of normality that takes the quality of life from zero to fireworks.

2022 you ask?

Moment by moment. Treatment by Treatment. Looking for remission. Stay tuned.

Wishing all the travelers on this road a better 2022!

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  1. I pray for you both to have strength through 2022. ❤️

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