Day +3999: I’m so dizzy my head is spinning…

“…Like a whirlpool, it never ends..”

Monday kicked off Chemo Cycle Three or number thirty if you’re into the mathematical absolute value.

Karen was very disappointed in that she needed a bag of red cells prior to the Chemo cycle being approved to start. It is a mix of emotions, so here we go.

Counts Monday / Thursday:

Hemoglobin 8.1 / 9.7
Reds 2.60 / 3.14
Whites 3.35 / 3.50
Platelets 117 / 112 …. ok, almost 5 cubed better then at the the start …but…

“…Badder than old King Kong
And meaner than a junkyard dog..”

It is difficult to differentiate between Vidaza working as in the dramatic rise in the platelet count when it was necessary to throw in a transfusion for red cells. On the whole, Vidaza Cycle 3 is coming in like March’s Lion in November. There is nothing gentle about the disease or chemo side effects – at the risk of being redundant: nausea rules the day, and it complicates everything else. We’ve been trying to push food, mostly protein shakes with mixed results. Yesterday, day three, only can be described as totally sucking; today, Thursday, was semi-normal as in the successful consumption of about 90% of a Big Mac …hey, roll with it…

“… You spin me right ’round, baby
Right ’round like a record, baby
Right ’round, ’round, ’round
You spin me right ’round, baby..”

Tomorrow, chemo cycle three will come to a close. The following Monday is bloodwork, meeting with Dr. Gojo, and potential treatment. Karen is once again wrestling with what is the future. Donor Lymphocyte Infusion (DLI) may be on the horizon, but at what cost. Life is not the same measure as Quality of Life. Severe Graft versus Host (GvHD) disease is a potential complication of a DLI – but, there are no certainties …. perpetual chemo, well in theory it is sustainable. After the previous relapse – six cycles …six months …were very difficult.

It is her life.

What are we looking for … more good moments, hours and hopefully days.
The saga continues.

Fuck the Cheers bit …sorry.

PS. Three songs + you lazy voyagers…. respond.


  1. Tommy Roe – Dizzy
    Jim Croce – Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
    Round, Round Right Round by some unknown to me artist

  2. Thanks, John! I’m so happy to see someone participating in our lyrics game 😍

  3. And it’s you, girl, makin’ it spin, You’re makin’ me dizzy
    Fuck the cheers bit indeed. Still hopeful but also sad. Sending all my love and hugs ♥️

  4. Hi guys.
    I’m not getting notifications or emails ! Did the pie suck?
    I actually googled you. And first time ever I knew all three songs!!
    Hope things are getting a little bit better?
    Seeing Josef tomorrow. Yay! I sent you an email.
    Praying always thinking of you always.

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